Patches – Pain Patches – The Drug Free Solution To Better Health


“Patches” are not just for bike inner tubes, like when we youngsters CBD Pain Patches. Or perhaps birth control, when we age.

Today, “Patches” are a method of providing medical innovation wonders expeditiously into our systems.

Those that “Skyrocket” recognize the impact of IVs is almost instant! Shared needles, take longer to manifest health issues in types of HIV and/or HELP.

“Snorter’s” noses function as a rapid repair for customers of “Coke” and lots of that do “Meth”!!! Mucus membrane layers come to be irritated as well as are typically warning. Attention deficit disorder is a result of such nasal intervention.

Smoking “Dope” can promptly provide “Users” tranquility or HIGHS, relying on what the cigarette smoker’s smoke. “Hemp” makes great rope as well as is said to bind “Constant Cigarette smoker’s” with each other. “Crank”, “Crystal”, and “Coke Cigarette smoker’s” often become “Constant Fliers” with each other additionally.

Well, my friends, today “Patches” are available as the future generation of wellness distribution vehicles.

I Am “Thrilled” by exactly how fast as well as reliable the “Patches” that I use, to do battle with the long term specials needs produced by MS (Numerous Sclerosis) have actually shown for me!

My “Discomfort Patches” eliminated my persistent back as well as shoulder pain in simply 30 seconds! Faster as well as better than my, doctor suggested, Morphine, for lower neck and back pain.

My Migraine Headache was knocked totally out by a single “Discomfort Patch” and also the Codeine, that my neurologist prescribed, is no longer necessary!


The PH.D, surgical nurse, midwife, good friend that presented me to “Patches”, has made sure that I applied the spots appropriately. Her specialist knowledge and also telephone followup has ensured me of substantial contentment. Quila too is a Planet Angel!

When Quila had an abscessed tooth, she applied a “Discomfort Spot” to the outside of her mouth to eliminate the “Discomfort”.

These LIFEWAVE “Patches” are not categorized as “Pharmacological” by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) however rather as “Medical Instruments” that need not be suggested by licensed, typical medical professionals.

Instead, the “Patches” are made available by means of affiliates.

I Am Honored to be able to distribute the “Patches” details via my “Wee Little Web site” [http://Jesus4You] right now.

There are extra sort of “Patches” readily available than I make use of. Yet I Am Grateful For Those “Patches” That I Do Use!!!

Rascal Russ Miles – “An Apostle” – is author of the unique, For Sale By Proprietors: FSBO. A “Seasoned Real Estate NAR ® Broker,” Rascal Russ was ~ for 5 difficult years ~ significantly disabled by “Incurable” Multiple Sclerosis. Currently “Cured”, Rascal composes books & posts on diverse subjects, sells Nutritional ONLINE MARKETING products. WELLNESS!

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